Hi everyone.  This is Jill Davis and I am “guest blogging” on Amy’s blog as we are together here in Greece for a couple of weeks. 

Amy and Jill

 We are with 36 HUHA students who I must say are a great group!  Some of you parents are checking this out and you should be proud.  We are a pretty big group but everyone has been great about sticking together and dispelling the “ugly american” myth. 

Needless to say, we were all ready for bed last night.  I slept great but Scott, Amy and a few of the students were wide awake at four this morning.  They watched Greek tv to pass the time (a documentary about Elvis with Greek subtitles).  Breakfast, chapel and class took all morning.  The students took a quiz on the Greek alphabet and can now read some of the billboards around here!  We had a Greek version of poppyseed chicken for lunch.  It was served with salad and chips.  The students don’t seem to be eating the salads much but that is my favorite part.  I never knew there were so many different Greek salads but we have a different one everyday.  Fofi is our cook.  She brings in fresh fruit in with her each morning and today she brought some delicious strawberries.  They didn’t last long!  We left after lunch for Athens.  It rained on the way but cleared by the time we wanted to get out of the bus. 

Bus Trip to Athens

It is amazing how much history is in this place!  We saw the parliament and the stadium for the first modern olympics.  The sun was hot and humid by the time we began the stairs up to the Acropolis. 

  The kids had fun taking lots of pictures.  We will post a few. 

Group Shot at the Parthenon
A Day of Touring

 After seeing temples and hearing about all the different “gods” they had, we left the “touristy” part  to climb Mars Hill, a very stark contrast from all the white marble and crowds.

Climbing Mars Hill

It is easy to feel something akin to what Paul must have felt as you look out over all the ruins.  We had read Acts 17 this morning and discussed it on Mars Hill.  I love the picture of the students singing with the Acropolis in the background.

Singing on Mars Hill
The View from Mars Hill

By this time, we were all hot, thirsty and hungry.  The bus has water bottles and the driver dropped us off at Scott’s favorite restaurant called Sabbas.  It is in the Plakka and is a little Greek dive that serves suflakis, which is similar to the gyro.  They could choose from pork, chicken or lamb.  A few brave souls chose lamb!  It was dark by the time we made it back to the Artemis.  Several boys headed straight for the pool.  There are also a few ice cream shops very close that the students enjoy going to in the evening.  We will be at the Artemis all day tomorrow.  There will be freetime in the afternoon so I’m sure some will enjoy walking down to the Bay.  Another great day in Greece!  Well, more tomorrow…