We made it!  Here are a few pictures. 

This is our first real Greek meal…Greek salad, mini pita bread, and Greek Sausage.                                                                                                                    



A beautiful day to arrive in Greece.  This is the view from the balcony of the Artemis.

Academics…always a great way to keep sleep-deprived students wide awake!  Tonight they are learning the Greek alphabet.

The flight connections all went smoothly.  A few of us…yes, me, too, were frisked in Amsterdam.  (A very thorough frisking, I might add!)  Jill’s luggage lagged behind, but should be here before noon tomorrow. 

We went for a walk down to the Aegean Sea when we arrived escorted by the pack of stray dogs that keep watch at the entrance to the Artemis. 

We are planning for an early bedtime.  They should all sleep soundly!
Tomorrow we go to Athens to tour the Acropolis and Mars Hill.