Have you seen the guys that stand on the corner during tax season and wave, dance around, and try to get your attention?

I would drive up to this stoplight and cringe.  I thought it was intrusive and rude.  I couldn’t believe this place of business could get away with this kind of advertising.

However, this tax season, I see these people in a whole new light.  These folks are working.  They are earning money.  The people on the corner dress up in ridiculous costumes and get an amazing workout.  They are cheerful and energetic.  They have found a job!

I’m sure it is tightly connected to my oldest child looking for a job in the past few months….

I have hence been know to give them a wave as I pass by ( much to the embarrassment of some of my passengers).  I still would like to talk to the CEO and help her find a better way to use these employees great enthusiasm, but for now, I will wave and appreciate their willingness to work.  Honking, however, is out of the question…