When I was growing up in central Arkansas, we only had snow every other year or so.  This has been amazing!

It can be calm and peaceful…..

…or exciting and energizing!

(That is what happens when you spend most of your life in the stall.)

When we bought her, she became a horse…in the pasture

This is probably Spirit’s first time to play in the snow, too.

Notice the snow around his lips.  He ate it off the fence rail.

Trigger, however, has seen it all before.

Nothing like a dingy horse in brilliant snow!

This girl knows what to do!

She learned it from her brothers….

This one built a fort from carefully constructed snow blocks.

This one just wants to get on with the snowball fight….and

he’s not waiting on anyone!

The sun is going down and everyone is headed inside.

Almost everyone….sorry guys.