Meredith helped wrap packages before Christmas. She would wrap and tie bows as long as I supplied her with boxes and tape.  There was one present I asked her to save till last, The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  I wasn’t quite ready for it to be gone from my life forever!  I had looked through it several times, so proud of my gift choice.  A couple of the recipes were actually doable in my kitchen without going to the store.  I thought I might try some of the recipes out before we wrapped the present….They were delicious!

I told Meredith she would have to come and take the book out of my hands to wrap it up.

She came and got it and several minutes later she calls out,  “You’re going to have to take this book from me, too!”

Alas, I gave the book away and felt like I’d lost a friend.  (I know, quite the Christmas spirit…anyway…)

Mine came in the mail last week!  I love it.  I wish I could have written that book.  It’s full of recipes, photography, farm life, and joy.

She has a website called The Pioneer Woman.  It’s fun to go and look around.

I recommend the cinnamon rolls, the chocolate sheet cake, and the mac and cheese.  That’s all I’ve had time to cook so far, but if the snow days come along as promised….Look out kitchen!