There are others like me. I heard on the Today Show that there are a substantial number of people who wait till the last week to shop for Christmas presents.

Here are my Top Ten Reasons why I don’t shop for Christmas presents early…

10. My children grow at unpredictable rates. What I buy in May will not fit in December.
9. I would miss the exercise. This way there is never a parking spot close to the door.
8. I would return Nike, and buy Adidas.
7. The less time between buying and giving, the less time I have to worry about whether or not they will like what I got them.
6. My children’s Christmas list is apt to change.
5. The longer you wait to buy electronic gadgets, the better and cheaper they are.
4. I shop better under pressure.
3. There are too many choices early on. If I wait, there are fewer decisions for me to make.
2. I will forget what I bought and where I put it. I’ll find it in April, just in time for Easter.
1. I’m living one day at a time. Each day has enough trouble of it’s own…

Merry Christmas!