Today I wore the shoes that feel really good.

I splurged at a school auction (for the good of the school) and bought a pair of those Australian boots.  Uggs.

I love them.  I can’t wait to get home every day and put them on.  I wear them constantly.  They are warm and soft.  They welcome my feet.

I finally wore them to work….today.

Meredith, my 12-year-old cowgirl, said,”You’re wearing those with your slacks?”

Don’t look.  They are not pretty, but I don’t mind walking anywhere in them!  I am avoiding anyone who is a superior today….I’m not positive, but I don’t think Uggs are the mark of a professional.

I may just stop on the way home and get groceries….because I can. I’m not rushing home to change shoes.  I would rather have PBJ for supper than stop at a store when my feet hurt.  Supper may be glorious tonight!

I know there is style in them somewhere.  But to me, they look like house shoes and I’m too old and dumpy to stuff skinny jeans into the tops and waltz around the school yard.  But I love them anyway.

Tomorrow I will have to go back to some heels, but for today – my feet are happy.

Is there something you love to wear?  Something that makes you happy just to slip into it?