Trigger and Meredith
Trigger and Meredith

We arrived at Newport at about 2:00, by 2:30 there was sweat rolling down my back and saturating my hair.  Meredith got her horse saddled as quickly as she could and set off to find her friends that she only sees on horse show weekends.

I saw her occassionally ride past in a herd of small and large horses, some sorrel and painted and brown and white.  They were like a little band of outlaws weaving their way through the people who were signing up for assorted events or warming up their horses.

By the end of the day, I was tired and sticky.  Meredith had placed in 7 of her 8 events and was pleased with the day.

Barrels were last and she had a good run and placed 5th.  I waited for her to show up at the trailer so we could load the horses up and go home.  I waited and waited.  Finally I saw her at the far end of the arena with a few friends.  She was on Trigger and he was our last horse to load, so Scott went to go get her and convince her we were ready to go home.

On the ride home, she was asking me about texting.  How much does it cost?  Did I know Sydney texts? (Her older cousin in Texas.)  Did I know that Sydney pays for her own texting?

I thought it was cute that she wanted to tell Sydney about her horse show.

The next morning Meredith asked me about texting again.

Meredith:  How much is one text?

Me:  I’m not sure, maybe 10 cents.  Why?  Who do you want to text?

Meredith:  ……Emily’s cousin.


Me:  What’s his name?

Meredith:  ……….Cody.

I’m glad she is making friends, but we will not subscribe to texting any time soon.