I downloaded John Grisham’s new book, The Associate, to my iPhone, Meredith’s iPod was full of TV shows, and the car was on full.  Our twelve hour drive home would be as painless as possible.

I put in my earbuds and we drove off down the road.  I noticed that Meredith was just looking out at the scenery, noticing the oil wells, and counting hawks.  I couldn’t let this opportunity for conversation pass so I removed the earbuds and we started talking about what we were seeing around us.

The drive home was a lot of fun.  I only listened to a couple of chapters of my book the entire 12 hours and Meredith watched a couple episodes of Survivor Man.  But we talked and laughed and listened to the radio.  No contest. The book can wait.

IMG_0800One of our conversations was particularly delightful.

Meredith:   When can I start wearing make-up?

Me:  Uhhh…when do you think you should start wearing make-up?


Meredith:  I don’t know.


Me:  I don’t know, either.

We both got tickled.