“Do your best.”

“Be the best you can be.”

“…as long as you do your best.”

These were some of the parenting mantras of the eighties. I think these were touted with a parent’s sincere desire to help their children succeed without setting a standard that is too high.

However, this goal, in some respects, is unreachable. I can argue that I have never done my best at anything. There is always something I could have done better.

This goal is also too arbitrary. How would a person know if one’s best was ever achieved?

I want my children to evaluate their lives with this measure….Did I bring honor and glory to God the Father?

I want my kids (and myself) to bring honor and glory to God in all they do. Not do their best or be their best.

Honor God.

It’s not about them, it’s about honoring and glorifying God with their lives. (grades, friendships, work, dating…honor God ).

That is my prayer for them and me. I want to bring honor to his name.