My oldest is in Nicaragua on a church mission trip…for about the 4th summer in a row. He loves the work there.

His first summer there, he left as a boy and returned a man. I am so proud of him.

I attended most of the mission meetings with him this year. That way I received the updates on details of the trip and could keep up with the group’s progress. It was fun to support Barrett in this way. He seemed to like my presence in the meetings. I was honored.

I rarely attended these meetings in the past. I didn’t want to keep him from going, but I could hardly stand it. It was difficult for me to think of him so far away, so I avoided thinking about it. Attending the mission meetings were overwhelming to me.

I’m so glad I went with him this year. He’s a senior now and will be gone so quickly. I treasure this time with him under my roof.

His life is being shaped by the work and relationships in Central America through the power of the cross. Praise God.