concession standI took Locke to the ballpark with me to watch Meredith play her softball game. He was being so sweet and enjoying himself. He looked around and saw several people with nacho’s.

I told him he could have some and pulled out a dollar bill, thought twice about how much they cost and traded the dollar for a five.

He left for awhile, playing around with some friends and eventually came back.  His eyes were sparkling and he had a little bounce in his step.  He was laden down with nacho’s in one hand, a large coke in the other, and some candy tucked under his arm.  “Hey, Mom!  This was exactly $5.00!”

He was so proud that he had worked out the math perfectly. It all added up to $5.00.  Just like I gave him.

It hit me all wrong.  I was so mad!  $5.00 down the drain!  It had slipped right through my fingers.  I had failed to add, “Bring me back the change.”