I value health, but I eat too many sweets and let my exercise slide. I value reading the Bible, but have to be very deliberate to read daily. I value eating together as a family, but struggle to make it happen. I value a clean house, but….

Losing sight of what is important is so easy to do. Priorities can get shoved to the side and ignored in lieu of pressing needs and urgent demands.

Staying connected to my priorities can be difficult. I’m pretty good at articulating what is important to me, but I’m not as consistent in living those priorities out. It’s not always easy to make decisions based on my stated priorities.

Try these scenarios out and see if they might help you stay connected to your priorities.

Scenario 1:

You are given 5-10 years to live. What would you change?

Not much. I am grateful for the path my life is taking.

Scenario 2:

Money is no longer a hindrance. You have plenty of money. How would you live differently?

Housekeeper would come twice a week, maybe three times.

Family vacation for a week…I could play with this idea a while!

I don’t know if I would quit work. Now that’s a revelation! A really good thing to know about myself. I really like what I do and I think it is good for my family… I don’t have it all hammered out, but intuitively, I believe the positives outweigh the negatives.

Scenario 3:

You are told that you will die tomorrow. What are your regrets?

Missed opportunities to honor and bring glory to God.