Meredith’s 6th Grade Promotion was last night and she did not want to wear a dress.  I decided it wasn’t worth fussing about, so I was resigned to her wearing pants.  Then I thought of one more possibility…  Yesterday afternoon, I took her shopping.

I don’t shop much, especially not with kids.  I’ve never really liked it.  I hate the cold sweat from spending too much money.  I hate trying on ill-fitting clothes.  I hate being faced with the non-model 5’5” body.

So, unless I’m having an I-feel-skinny day, I’d rather not go shopping and have to face the cold, hard facts.

However, this might be the ticket for Meredith, who loves to shop.  She loves to look at jewelry, scarves, shoes, clothes….for her or anyone!  She has nearly as much fun shopping for someone else as she has shopping for herself.

We went into Cato’s.  I never go to Cato’s.  But sure enough, there were some brightly colored clothes she was more than happy to try on.  She chose some she liked and then went straight to the shoes and then to the jewelry.

Yeah!  She wore a skirt for promotion.  I was so happy.  Perhaps we need to shop more often!

Meredith - 6th grade promotion

Meredith and Jabbo