facebookDo you have a Facebook account? Do you facebook people? What is it about Facebook that draws so many of us?

What are some things that you like about Facebook? What are some negatives associated with the social network site?

Analyzing FB seems daunting because it is so complicated, but there is an aspect of “Speed Friendships”. We ache for friends but are pressed for time. We want connections, but not risks of rejection. We want to be involved with people, but that gets messy. Don’t call, you might get stuck on the phone. Facebook them, and then at your convenience, respond…quickly, neatly, and efficiently.

I have heard the time in which you are Facebooking called “nearly now”. You are not really in the present, but neither are you in the past. It’s just “nearly now”. Nearly Now has no pressures. It’s not risky. You won’t be put on the spot. You have time to formulate your response. You have time to formulate how you are perceived. You have much more control. It’s not messy.

People are messy. Relationships are messy.

Just a thought….