Wal Mart was holding my medicine hostage this afternoon, so after searching for any and all excuses not to go, I went to get my medicine. I was determined to pick up my medicine and with my head down as if braving a nor’easter, I would fight my way back to my car. I glanced up at one point and caught a glimpse of an old childhood friend that I haven’t seen in 20 years. We took a little time to catch up and then had to leave. I almost missed her!


Tonight I was at the girls’ softball fields. I didn’t really want to go. I was tired and had a lot on my mind. Once I pulled up to the field, I tried to justify sitting in my car and watching my daughter from there.

I couldn’t do it. I thought I should be on the bleachers, cheering her team on to victory…or on to a good time.

softballI went to the bleachers and enjoyed the game. Meredith even caught a pop fly! Then as we were leaving, I ran into several dear friends and visited for nearly an hour in between the fields.

That’s a small town for you! I love this town that’s full of friends, new and old. I’ve got to remember to keep my head up and notice the people around me. I’m so thankful for friends.