filling-up-carHave you ever felt spent?  Worn out?  Finished?  Done?  Nothing left?

What is your first clue?  What has happened that tells you that you need some rejuvenation?

Hints that I need to take a breath:

  • When filling my car up with gas, I realize I have left my car on the entire time.
  • I dream I am climbing a mountain and just about to fall.  I can’t quite get my footing.
  • I  leave my credit card at the drive through.
  • I wear 2 different colored shoes to church.
  • I dream I am only wearing half of my clothes.
  • I leave my car running with the keys locked in it, while I spend the morning in a school.
  • I leave the oven on.
  • I can’t remember what an alarm clock is called.

What have you done before that tells you it’s time to slow down?