writingIn Ezekiel 9, God sends 7 men into Jerusalem to rid the city of people who have done detestable things in the temple. 6 of the men carry deadly weapons and 1 of the men carries a writing kit. The man with the writing kit is to go throughout Jerusalem and put a mark on the forehead of all the people who grieve and lament over the detestable things done in the temple. The 6 men are then commanded to destroy everyone in the city, except for anyone who has a mark.

If God sent someone with a writing kit throughout my town, would I be marked? Am I sad about the same things that God is sad about? Do I grieve about things that God grieves about?

  • Genesis 6 – God grieved that he had made man
  • I Samuel 15 – God greived that he had made Saul king, because Saul turned away from him
  • I Chronicles 21 – God was grieved over the destruction of Jerusalem
  • Jeremiah 42 – God grieved over the disaster he had inflicted on Israel
  • Psalm 78 – God was grieved by his people’s rebellion

“Having believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit…”Ephesians 1:13.
Believers have been marked. I have been marked by God. Praise God!