Horse BarnMy teenage boys have hired out for a month to muck stalls.  They are working several hours every day to clean out stalls for a trainer down the road. Meredith likes to go and hang out and ride our horse who is there for training.

Wednesday afternoon I got home and everyone was milling around the house and down by the pond.  My 17 year old asked me to wake him up in 30 minutes and he and Locke would go to the barn to work before church.   Meredith planned to go with them.  I knew he could bring the kids to church when they were done with their stalls.

I was teaching class, so I planned on leaving pretty early.

I woke Barrett up, he headed out the door and I watched the Camry roll down the drive.  All was quiet.

I scurried around and found my study book I thought I had lost and headed out the door.  Quite pleased with myself that I was leaving so early.

All was well until I discovered after church that our children weren’t there.  None of them.

I had forgotten that Barret has a small group Bible study in town on Wednesday nights in the opposite direction of the church building.

He left Locke at home with Meredith who had been left there by everyone.  She hadn’t gone to the barn and I had not checked for her before I left.

Logistics…we have a few logistics to work out, but I know this must be good for the boys.


Last night when I came home late from a workshop, no one was there.  Everyone was at the trainer’s barn.  The boys were working, Meredith was riding our new horse and Scott was probably riding, too.

So I turned the car around and took a late night trip to the grocery store for milk and sandwich stuff.  I hate going to the grocery store.  But at least no one was needing me and now we have milk!  I’ve got to have milk for my cereal-loving family.