img_0443Scott and I were asked to lead a retreat last weekend for a church. Actually Scott was asked to do it and he invited me to help. It was taking place at Camp Tahkodah were I spent every summer of my life till I married, save one. I spent one summer working for Joe Webb who trained Tennessee Walking horses.

Before we went to the retreat this weekend, we were asked which cabin we would like to stay in. My mom and I always had an affinity for the little cabin by the tennis courts. This is the cabin we lived in when I was just a baby and on and off as I grew up. It only has two small rooms, three if you count the bathroom.

I woke up Saturday morning surrounded by my ghosts of summers past. I was brushing my teeth when I saw it. Written in pencil, in my mother’s handwriting was my brother’s name above a small nail by the shower. Right beside it was another small nail with my name….over 40 years ago. What a precious find!img_0624

John Ed's nail