yearbookFrustration.  I know I should laugh, but I’m frustrated for now.  Perhaps by the end of the post things will change.  Here goes…

My children received their year books yesterday at school.  You know the ones, memories of the past year to be enjoyed for years to come.  It’s so fun to flip through the pages and remember what your year was like and how your friends and you spent the time together.

My oldest son has one or two pictures in the book. His nice formal picture and one of him in class with his head laid down on his desk in deep sleep…with pajamas on (Homecoming Week).  Great…this is how he will be remembered his Junior year of high school.

I know – “Get over it, Mom.”  But, yuck!

My next child was absent the day formal pictures were made, so re-take day comes along.  He doesn’t go for re-takes.  He claims re-take means “to take again”.  He never had his taken in the first place, so re-take didn’t mean him.  He has no picture in the book.

Ahhh…memories of the school year 2008-2009.