readingbible1I am so far behind in my one year Bible reading.  I have broken all the rules anyway.  I started in March for one.  I’ve been trying to catch back up the last few days.

I was ready to give up and convince myself that another season of life would be better to try and accomplish this monumental task.

Then my dear friend, Jill, came and spoke to my Bible class and inspired me to continue.  I know that it is a worthy goal and I would be hard spent to find one better, but it takes so much time and a consistency that seems out of my reach.

Jill talked about several things in class, but what inspired me to continue my reading of the entire Bible in a year’s time span is the desire to be the ‘aroma of Christ’.  I’m not sure she used those exact words, but the thought was that we need to smell like Jesus.

How do we “smell” like Jesus?

She gave this example.

One Sunday morning, a young family needed help with their baby.  Jill offered to hold the baby while mom and dad gathered up their other children and got them situated for church.  To her delight, she ended up with the baby for most of the service.  She said the sweet baby nestled her face into her neck and wallowed around on her lap.  After church, with the baby back in her mother’s arms, the young mother approached Jill to thank her for helping and said,  “She smelled so good when you gave her back to me.  What perfume are you wearing?”

Jill said she realized that the baby smelled like her because it had been with her, held in her arms, nestled in her neck, sitting on her lap and that is how we smell like Jesus.  That is how we become the “aroma of Christ”.  We have to be near him, in his arms, on his lap.

Stay near to him, in his word, doing what he would be doing, spending time with his people and with those he loves.

15For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.  2 Corinthians 2:15

I want to be the “aroma of Christ”.  One way to help me smell like him is to be steeped in his word.

I am not giving up.  Thanks, Jill!