Boston in Concert

When I was just out of college, I was given concert tickets to see Boston.  I listened to country music, but couldn’t turn down free tickets. I should have.

David Cook

Scott reminds me occasionally that I left that concert early.  I sure did.  I couldn’t stay.  People were falling onto me, drunk and smelly.  And the noise!  It was so loud that I didn’t really hear any music, just felt it.  So I left.  I was an old 21 year old.

I didn’t walk out on the Judds or Ricky Skaggs (they were both at HU) but Boston?  …I had better things to do.

Well…Scott gave Meredith tickets to the David Cook concert for her birthday in Ferbruary.  I was all game in February…  April was a long time away.  Now it’s here.

Surely, it will be fun to go with my family, but I may need to glue my feet to the floor.


Just returned from the concert.  I really enjoyed myself!  David Cook did a great job, but I must admit, I had way more fun watching Meredith and her friend jump up and down than watching the show itself.

Glad I went!