The first job I ever had was working for my neighbor to help her keep house. One or two days a week I would get home from school and go next door to vacuum and dust for about an hour.

I would like to think that I was a great help, but I may have been more trouble than I was worth. For one thing, I could never remember to go. My normal routine was to walk home from school, get a snack, and watch Gilligan’s Island. I loved Gilligan and pulled for him and the castaways to get off the island. I was really disappointed that they never made it off the island. They were always so close to a rescue.

Housekeeping was not a great fit for me. My mom couldn’t understand how I could spend hours in my messy room reading and be perfectly content. I never really noticed the mess till someone came over and then I would apologize for my room as if the mess was an anomaly.country_store-7719592

I did get better about my room eventually, but it has never come naturally.

I loved having a little spending money, but I really didn’t have anything to spend it on except our little corner grocery store on Market Street. Mrs. Cowan always had Slim Jim’s and fudgesicles in her store. This was before I was concerned about 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I would ride my bike to her store and buy a snack with my own money.

My first job didn’t last very long. I don’t remember much about it. It seems to have just fizzled out. It was probably best that way.