42-15655223God bless mothers and fathers who bring their babies to church.  I know it is hard and stressful to come to church with little ones.  I remember wondering why I was there.  All I did was wrestle my babies and distract those around me.

…But that’s not true!  I was doing so much more than fussing with children and keeping others from listening.  I was raising up children to be a part of the kingdom.  I was encouraging Christians to support one another.  I was making a statement to the world that I will follow Christ until he comes again.    I was deepening my commitment to his body.  I was working out my salvation.  I was learning from godly mothers about how to nurture and admonish my children.

When our children were babies, church was the hardest thing we did as a family.

I am so proud of you mothers and fathers who come to church and bring your babies.  You are doing the right thing.  You are doing the work of God.  Keep coming, keep wrestling!  Children are a blessing to their parents and to their church.  Thank you for being a part of his kingdom.

Your children are what the rest of us must become like to enter the kingdom of heaven.  We need them.

You bring life and energy to church.  Hold your head up high and remember that many of us would love to help you hold your baby or wrestle your toddler.

Children make a church noisy.  Their sweet little sounds and loud protests can sometimes fill an auditorium.  Keep them coming.  I love a noisy church!