birthday_cakeI guess I should just come on out and acknowledge my birthday. No longer can I ignore it. Facebook makes it impossible! So I am embracing it!
What being 44 means to me:

  • tweezers are my crucial beauty secret…
  • I need a super duper magnified make-up mirror
  • reading glasses, have them but don’t use them…yet
  • hate sad movies
  • I know what to take for my cold…Mucinex DM and ibuprofen
  • my whole face droops when I don’t smile…i should smile
  • more yearly doctor’s appointments
  • I’m still taken aback by the older woman in the mirror
  • SPF 85 is my friend
  • it will all come out in the wash
  • kids can do the wash
  • i don’t feel guilty when my husband does housework, just grateful
  • assume the best about other’s motives
  • kids really do grow up fast

My fortieth birthday was really hard for me for all of the traditional reasons. Embarrassing, I know, but I was just so sad that life was flying past. I didn’t enjoy that one nor any of the ones since. Today is different. I am changing the way I look at my birthday.

Forty-four is awesome. Life is a gift from God. I’m thankful for every day that I am blessed to live on this earth and experience the joys of living. One of these days the Lord will call me home and I will enter his gates with thanksgiving. For now, I want to live here with thanksgiving.

I wonder if how I live today, on earth, will be the way I live in our eternal home. If I am full of thanksgiving here, then I will be full of thanksgiving there. If I don’t live a life of praise and thankfulness, can I expect to be glorifying his name forever?

I know I will be made perfect and his grace will make me perfect, and yet, should I not live now as I intend to live forever? If I want to be joyful, full of love and praise, then what am I waiting for?

A birthday is a great day to recommit to living each day fully, to seeing the good in things, and to being full of joy. It’s a great day!