My iPhone Bible.  Sounds irreverent.  It makes my husband cringe.  I grab my purse and my phone…(my Bible) and I’m ready for church.  Really?  Does my iPhone Bible count?

It has a daily reading to help me read through the Bible in one year.  I’ve always wanted to do that, but haven’t made it yet.  Could I do it now?  Will this make a difference?  I started late…mid March.

My phone has a back light, so when I wake up in the middle of the night or really early in the morning, I can read without turning on the light.

I can read stuck in line somewhere or waiting on my children.

I went on a trip and had my Bible with me.  The version I am using is an old version.  No one cares about the copy wright, I guess.  It was free online.  But I’ve read the NIV for so long and last year I read the NT in the Easy Reader Version.  Maybe I’m ready for the good old KJV.

I’m enjoying the poetic and antiquated language.

Have you ever read the Bible through in a year?  How did you do it?  Did you ever get way behind and have to read a ton to catch up?  Any advice?