classroomIn a university’s teacher prep class this week, the professor was talking about caring for your students and showing them that you love them. While no one would disagree that children need to be shown love, one student expressed the concern that some middle school male students that she has worked with in the past have made her feel uncomfortable with hugs they wanted from her.

I didn’t say anything because I was a visitor in class that day, but…tomorrow, I get to teach them some and I feel compelled to go back to her comment.

I want these college women to trust their instincts.  Women, young women, in particular, need the freedom to trust their own instincts without the burden of proof.

A woman doesn’t have to prove to anyone that a man IS creepy or coming on to her to be on her guard or put up some strong walls.

I want my daughter to know that she has my permission to NOT be nice when she gets weird vibes from a man.  And she doesn’t have to prove anthing to me.  I trust her instincts, too.

Trust your instincts and teach your daughters to trust theirs.

They may need your permission to NOT be nice.