The Adairs

Sometimes I wonder why we have this roomy old farmhouse with several bedrooms and 2 baths. Each child has his/her own room and there is a kid bathroom and then the bathroom in our bedroom. 2 of our children only use our bathroom. They have a bathroom directly across from their rooms, but will cross the entire house to use our bathroom.

I think they would prefer we all sleep in the same room and have just one bathroom. I don’t get it. We might as well have a 1 bedroom, 1 bath house.

One of our most effective threats is…”then you’ll have to use your own shower”…they will do just about anything to avoid using their own bathroom.

One of these days, my bathroom will be my own and I will fondly remember the days of waiting my turn. Until then, I will get up a little early and get in the shower first.