Highway“Hello.”  I said into the cell phone after nearly dropping it in the floor board of the car.

“Turn around and come home.  Our life is in shambles.”  My heart sank.

Not what I wanted to hear 400 miles from home with 400 more to go before I reached my destination.

“Really?  Do I really need to turn around?”

“Sort of…”  Okay, I was relieved.  Maybe I wouldn’t have to go back.  My normally laid-back, go-with-the-flow husband sounded tired and a little tense.

“What happened?  Is someone sick?  Is there a broken arm?”

“Meredith couldn’t find the Cascade and put Dawn, regular dish soap, into the dishwasher. Bubbles and water are pouring out of the dishwasher.”dishwasher1

I nearly had to pull over on the shoulder of I-20, I was laughing so hard.  Bless her heart.  She was trying to help while I was out of town.  It was Wednesday night and they were about to leave for church when the bubbles marched onto the kitchen floor.

I was halfway to Jacksonville, FL when Scott called with the news.  Mary, one of my college roommates, and I were headed to a roommate reunion.  We said we would do this every year after graduation, but this was our first reunion ever.  It has been over 20 years since the four of us have been together.

We are at a condo on the beach and have until Sunday to reconnect.

It is never easy for me to leave, but surely it’s good for the family to manage a few days on their own. Part of me secretly hopes something goes wrong while I’m gone…something small, that is easily fixed.  Something to remind them they still need mom.

I got my secret wish!

I’ll be home Sunday welcomed by a bedraggled family and a clean kitchen floor!