coffeecupcoffeeI am not a night owl. I am done by 8:00 pm. Nothing important was ever decided after 8:00 pm. Sleep on it. Let your dreams work it out. As Scarlett said, “Tomorrow is another day.”

I love mornings. I wake up refreshed and ready for the day. I am optimistic about what great things the day has in store for me.

However, I may need to update my “I Love Mornings” status.

There are now three children to get up and around. When school is in session, our mornings seem to swirl around us like a dust devil carrying shoes, socks, homework, toothbrushes, and pop tarts just out of our reach. Sometimes I am amazed at what I am compelled to say.

“Rise and shine!”school1

“Time to get up.”

“It’s time to get up, that’s what time it is.”

“What do you mean, ‘What’s for breakfast?'”

“Leave the door unlocked, so I can get in the bathroom.”

“You don’t have to have fresh jeans EVERY day.”

“Grab a banana. You’ll be fine.”

“No. Those ARE your socks…today.”

“Do you have your homework? You can finish it in the car.”

“Here’s some money. Bring back the change. Don’t loan it all out.”

“Where’s your brush? Keep it in your backpack.”

“Do that in the car. Just go!”

“There’s a toothbrush in the car. Use your brother’s toothpaste. It’s in his locker.”

“Did you get that onion? Don’t open the onion baggie in the car!”

“Go! Go! Go! Hurry!”

“Get the dog out of the car!”

“Go! Go! Go! Hurry!”

“Don’t drive fast!”

“I love you!”

That’s our morning rush hour. I hope my children don’t remember all the things that tumble out of my mouth on school mornings. What about you?