Horses have always been a part of my life. As a child, I always had a horse somewhere that was my very own. I rode all summer long.

My husband and I met when I was the horseback instructor at a Christian camp. By the time we married, I was in between horses and had filled my life with other things. However, my life with horses had always intrigued my husband who had grown up in a big city.

Several years and children later, a friend of ours had a new colt on his farm and asked my 10 year old son if he’d like to help halter break it. We were all game. Eventually, we bought the colt and began our adventure as a family with horses.

But I was the most reluctant to get back into horses. I knew the work and expense involved and my sense of adventure had waned since giving birth. More than waned…I think it slipped out with the baby100_1257.

Gradually I have become more comfortable with our horses, have started showing my own horse, and can watch my daughter barrel race without gripping the closest thing to me.

For Valentine’s Day Scott wants the two of us to go camping. Just the two of us…with the horses.

When he shared this with me, I held my breath and went to my safe room. (bathroom, whatever you want to call it) It struck me with fear. All of the what-ifs came bounding into my consciousness..tornadoes, run away horse, crazy person on the loose…and the children at home…

He showed me the brochure of this beautiful state park with stalls for the horses and wide gorgeous trails. We will have hook ups for electricity and water. The trails are well marked with similar ratings to a ski trail. Before you go onto the trails, you have to register with the park and then be off the trails by dark.

He has seen my list of what-ifs.

He knows I love the out-of-doors and my horse. He is making me feel safe and protected. I love him!!

I checked with Mom. She could be on call.

We will have a wonderful, romantic weekend. I can’t wait!

The Lord is my strength…I will not be afraid.