From In The Dailies blog:

“When I started Mama Loves a couple months ago, the initial focus (for me) was on positive aspects of parenting. It’s so easy to get lost in the exhaustion and frustration of parenting that moms sometimes forget or maybe just overlook all the good stuff. But wives often do the same about marriage. I love women’s groups, moms groups, girlfriends, all kinds of female bonding, but, if given enough time, these groups almost always turn into bickering sessions. Each woman there wants to out-do the rest with her sob story of how fat she is, how difficult her life is or how her husband is worse than everyone else’s. We claim we’re just “sharing” and that it’s all in good fun, but I hate it. Today I want to focus on marriage and how wonderful my husband is. No, this is not in honor of that Hallmark holiday later this week, the one we never celebrate in this house. It just happens that this week God reminded me how good I have it in the marriage arena.

What are you grateful for this week? What has God given you as a show of His love for you?”

My response:

My husband and I had a communication problem that came to light this week.  Do you ever just keep plowing ahead even when you know something isn’t quite right?  Even when you can tell things are askew?

I could tell we were missing each other in our conversations for the past few weeks, but I kept forging ahead.  Talking and chatting about what was going on with me and accepting his short replies to my questions about him.

Finally, I asked him if he thought we weren’t as close as we could be and he said….a lot. More than I cared to hear.  So I shut down, embraced my hurt feelings, and didn’t want to talk.

Bless his heart!  He stayed with me, wouldn’t let me crawl off to my little hovel and insisted we talk it through.  Eventually, I saw through my hurt to his outstretched hand and gingerly took the love and forgiveness that he offered to me.

I am so thankful for his love for me.

What are you thankful for today?