0505_familycarThe other day as Meredith was heading out the door, I stopped her and reminded her to brush her hair. She confidently told me there would be one in the car. Of course…she would groom herself on the way to school.

I think my kids could live in the car. They can fix their hair, brush their teeth, read their Bibles, make a phone call, do their homework and probably eat a snack…. without leaving the car! Everything is there.

My family seems to think that my purse and my car serve the same function. They both end up as the catch-all for anything a child or teen doesn’t want to carry around or doesn’t need anymore.

For example, when gum is offered the resulting empty wrapper is dropped in the curse(car + purse = curse). If one needs a comb, just look around in the curse. It will be there. If your feet are hot and sweaty, take off those socks and drop them in the curse. They will be there the next time your toes are cold! Tired of the bracelet, hat, pencil, iPod? Leave it in the curse.

I understand. If someone borrows my car, they may as well borrow my purse. I may need that brush or extension cord that I keep in my car.

Do you have a curse? Anything interesting wind up there?