plane1The airplane that went down in the Hudson strikes fear in the hearts of many of us.  I can imagine the panic that must course through one’s veins as the realization of imminent disaster becomes clear.  

The pilot, Chelsey Sullenberger, made a beautiful landing and saved the lives of 155 people.  This crash had a happy ending for everyone on board.  Why, then, did I immediately decide that my trip to Florida in March would be much more fun if I drove?  It sealed the deal.  The price was too high, the flight times were too  inconvenient.  Really, I would rather drive the 14 hours.  

 Proverbs 3:25 “Have no fear of sudden disaster …”

But, I do.  I want to be brave and bold in the way I live my life, but many times I go to great lengths to be safe…or what I think is safe.

There are other reasons to drive rather than fly, but my decision wouldn’t have been so easy if not for the crash this weekend.

What “sudden disaster” do you fear?  How do you ease your fears?