necklaceIn September of 2004, thirteen women went together to buy a 15.24 carat diamond necklace.  Cheryl Jarvis wrote a book chronicling their experiment.

Each chapter is a mini biography about one of the women and her experiences with the necklace. 

Some favorite excerpts:

 “Before meeting these women, I lived in a world where I wasn’t worthy, wasn’t good enough.  It’s the story I’d told myself all my life.  These women taught me that it was just a story, a story I’d told myself because I was afraid.  My only fear now is that I will be a disappointment to myself, that I’ll get to the end of my life and know I didn’t take advantage of everything that was given me.  Before Jewelia (the necklace’s name…) I thought, ‘ I wonder what will happen to me?’  Now I think, ‘I wonder what I’ll do next?’  For the first time, I’m composing my life.”

I love that line….I’m composing my life.

When I was taking counseling classes, this was a view that was helpful for those who had been in abusive situations, especially adults who had been abused as children.  It was important for them to realize that someone else had written their story for them when they were a child, but now they were writing their own story.  They were now in control of their story.  

Another line from the book that resonated with me:

“In this safe community of women, each voice grew more authentic.”  

What a beautiful concept…a safe community of women.  The confidence that we enable in each other through acceptance and love can cause personal growth that is unlikely to occur outside a “safe community”.

Not a great piece of literature, but a fun read with some poignant moments.  

What are you reading?