cereali1My family has always loved cereal.  From the time my children were small, they have preferred cereal to just about any other food.  I always counted myself lucky that cereal was acceptable to them for any meal.  I figured each flake had been sprayed with a good dose of vitamins, so it was quite healthy for them.  Besides, they did a good deal of independent reading (backs of cereal boxes) while they ate.

One morning after Barrett had spent the night at my mom’s house, they were eating breakfast together.  Barrett was probably about 6 or 7 years old at the time.   Mom served him toast, fruit, eggs, and cereal with juice or milk to drink.  Barrett told her that this was the first time he had ever had cereal as PART of a healthy breakfast! (I knew he was reading those boxes!)

Cereal is king at our house.  We have cereal morning, noon, and night.  Woe to me if there is no cereal…or if all we have is Nutty Nuggets or All Bran (bought for the purpose of some cookie recipe).

I have spent a few mornings preparing muffins for breakfast so as to assuage my fear of hearing my children tell their yet-to-be-born children, “All WE ever had for breakfast was cereal.”  Sometimes the muffins are gobbled down and disappear before night fall.  Sometimes I hear the dreaded, “I’m really not that hungry.”  Ahhhh, but today…I made a full fledged take-to-a-potluck breakfast casserole.  I heard not one, “I’m not really hungry.”  What a joy!  

I now have visions of myself as the mom who gets up before the rooster and makes a large breakfast for her much-loved family.  I will shuffle around in my robe and house shoes, in the wee hours of the morning, to prepare a breakfast with all of the food groups represented. 

Dreams are sweet, but I bet I drop by the store today for a box.  Children need their vitamins, albeit, sprayed-on vitamins.

How do you answer the “What’s for breakfast?” question?