Since 2008 turned into 2009, I’ve been irritated by the little bur in my head thatstethoscopetells me I need to have my annual exams.  I finally put “make appointments” on my calendar.  I have 3 appointments now for Jan/Feb to the gyno, the mammo, and the dermo.  It’s your turn!  

This is your reminder to make appointments with your doctors to have all of those annual exams.  Here’s what you do:

  • decide what check-ups you need
  • find the phone numbers now and put them in your phone ( I know it’s Saturday and nobody is there, but….)
  • set a reminder on your phone to ding on Monday morning
  • make those calls and get your appointments set up
  • do a little shopping afterward…

Encourage each other to take care!  We owe it to each other, to our families, and to all those women who are fighting for their lives.