For about the past 5 years, the extended Adair family has been trying to tweak our Christmas gift exchange to fit our changing families (sooo many of us now) and lifestyles ($$$).  We have tried drawing names, buying gifts only for the children, and Sneaky Santa.  Sneaky Santa is our name for the gift exchange we are all familiar with where you take an anonymous gift from under the tree, open it or steal one that has already been opened. This year was the Sneaky Santa experiment.   I must admit it was a little difficult to get into the spirit of giving when I was eying others’  opened gifts and wondering how I could interest one of the children in the toy I had unwrapped so that  I could snatch an item from a satisfied participant.  For the record, acting disinterested was completely ineffective with the children.   The lure of the wrapped gifts under the tree far outweighed the desire of both grade-school boys for a Dallas Cowboy action figure.  I’m sure they will use their respective LED flashlight and Adult XL embroidered sweatshirt.  This is the gift I brought home.nflrobot

Any ideas for next year?


My 3 favorite presents as a child were:

1.  Velvet – my cocker spaniel puppy

2.  a sleeping bag my mother made me by hand

3.  an Easy Bake oven

What were 3 of yours?