christmasshoppingHang in there ladies!  Just a few more days of shopping frenzy and then we can all sit back and relish in the belief that at least we know the real meaning of Christmas and next year we won’t do all of this crazy preparation.

This year we are spending Christmas week in Lubbock with Scott’s family.  We normally spend the week with them because my family lives in Searcy and we have Christmas anywhere from November 23 – January 2.   This year we have not put up a tree.  I know….how could I?….

Last year we got the tree out of the storage room a couple of hours before heart group came to our house. We had grand plans of a cozy Walton – esque Country Christmas (John Boy, Mary Ellen, and the whole Walton’s Mountain gang).  Meredith, Locke and I were quickly decorating when we heard a thump at our feet and saw a little warm body scoot across the floor and go behind the piano.  I squealed and Locke and Meredith ran towards it and finally chased him out of the house.  I firmly stated that a tree on our large front porch would be beautiful and they agreed to help me get the tree outside. Just in case our little friend had a little friend.  As we were dragging the tree across the floor….we heard another thump and watched another warm, brown body run into the wood box.  The tree eventually blew over from a strong December wind and the dogs used it as a bed.  We then hauled it off to the dump.  Oh, Christmas Tree!!  The story gets longer, but I think you can see why MawMaw’s tree will have to do for this year.

Do you have a Christmas story that brings back vivid memories?  I would love to hear them!

Enjoy the frenzy,