“….teach the younger women to love their husbands…..”  How do you teach someone to “love their husbands” ?  Can we learn to fall in love with our husbands?  Can we learn to enjoy our husbands?  What exactly do you teach?

I think we have to look back at I Corinthians 13.  Take about 3 minutes and watch this video on I Corinthians 13.

What is love?  Patient, kind, does not delight in evil, rejoices with the truth,  always hopes, always trusts….Wow!  What a hard teaching.  I think about my husband, sons, and daughter…Love is simple but takes so much energy and determination.

Look at the word always.  We are taught not to use the word “always”.  Because we know there are exceptions.  Paul says always.

But when we realize that love is something that can be taught and we are commanded to teach women to love their husbands, then there is hope!  When your marriage seems stagnant and dull, there is hope!  We can learn to love and when we love, it changes everything.

Love is not easy. It is hard work, but the most rewarding work we can do. In fact, without love, nothing we do is worthwhile.  Love is not the by-product of a good marriage.  Love is the foundation of a good marriage. We have to pour our energies into loving our husbands to have a marriage that nourishes our families.  Our marriages should bring honor and glory to God.  We will reflect the love of the Father, the Son and the Spirit, as we love our husbands.

When Scott and I are working together at church, I believe we are reflecting the love of our Father.  When we are playing with our children and really engaging with them, I think we are showing His love.  When I put aside what I want to do and join Scott in what he is pursuing, I feel like I am loving my husband.  When do you feel like you are loving your husband?  When do you think you are getting it right?