Hi, Friends!

I hope this blog can be a place where we can communicate with each other during the times when we are not here together.  I hope you have a wonderful break and travel safely while we are apart.

This week we are talking about our lives as wives and future wives.  The single most important thing in being a wife is being a christian woman who brings honor and glory to God in everything.  The second most important thing is choosing your husband wisely.

Any decision can be aided by pros and cons….lists of attributes….writing down what kind of a husband you want.  I did that before I was in a serious relationship.  Here is part of my list as I remember it:

  1. loves God more than me
  2. tall and blond
  3. loves the outdoors
  4. funny
  5. kind
  6. good to his mother
  7. strong leader

What was or is on your list?  Add your comments.  Can’t wait to see how our lists are similar and different!

Have a great day!